Welcome to Monterey’s Miniatures and Musings!

This site is for amateur and expert DIY enthusiasts, hobbyists, and crafters alike. The content focuses primarily on my two largest small projects: the renovation of my first dollhouse and a 70’s Airstream. By sharing the process, I hope to inspire your creativity and fuel your wanderlust.

I have a lot to learn.

Alongside my boyfriend, Spencer, I’m learning how to live small, manage money, construct dollhouse furniture, and identify rear-end separation. We’re newbies willing to share our successes and our failures alike.

I invite you to tag along as we embark on a minimalist journey. hopefully we can all learn something new.


Who am I?

A. Monterey Blair, n.

PRONUNCIATION: /eɪ. ˌmɒntəreɪ blɛər/

FORMS: full name Allison Monterey Blair; informally Allison

DEFINITION: 1. free spirit 2. confirmed nerd 3. compulsive crafter and creator 4. lover of tiny things 5. excavator of human remains


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