Free “Take What You Need” Fliers

For my final exam in yoga last fall semester, I was required to complete a random act of kindness and to write an essay about the results. I was inspired by a “Take What You Need” flier that an anonymous woman had posted in my residence hall freshman year.

Of course, in true A. Monterey style, I couldn’t just make one flier. Oh no, I had too many ideas that had to be realized. I made ten fliers with four different themes using free digital scrap-booking supplies from Persnickety Prints. Then I papered the school. Literally! I even recruited a friend to help.

They were pretty successful. Walking around campus, I saw a ton of posters missing most of their pull tabs.

Don’t believe me? Ha! I summon visual proof!

And now these posters are all yours! Download them! Save them! Post them around the world! Don’t forget to cut between the pull tabs!

When using these posters, there are only three rules:

  1. If you distribute these posters, you must remain anonymous. You can’t put your name, business, etc. on them. That defeats the purpose of a random act of kindness. You’ll notice that I don’t even have my signature on them.
  2. On the same note, because I haven’t signed these images, please give credit where credit is due and link back to my blog when distributing them online.
  3. These posters are for personal use only. No selling them. They are to remain free to the public.

Finally, if you would like to change any of the wording on the pull tabs (for instance, one of the pull tabs mentions sex and, therefore, might not be high school appropriate) please feel free to email me to get the original file.

Download the fliers here!